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In 2011, the Town of Wallace, lead by a core group of leaders, brought the Strawberry Festival back to Wallace after 50 years. Each year, the Carolina Strawberry Festival has grown bigger and better. The Festival has a broad selection of Music & Events in Wallace that will entertain the entire family!

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We are so excited to partner with the Duplin Journal as they bring you coverage of all things CSF. Starting with the April 10th edition of the paper, you’ll be seeing more festival information in the Journal as we get closer and closer to May 3rd!
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Scam Alert


We’ve been made aware of a concerning situation where individuals are using the Town police department’s phone number to solicit funds for sponsorships purportedly on behalf of the Carolina Strawberry Festival. Please be informed that neither the Town nor its police department is engaged in such solicitations. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you provide credit card information over the phone to these callers.

It’s crucial to note that the Carolina Strawberry Festival will NEVER request credit card details over the phone. Sponsorship requests are typically conducted in person, and any deviation from this should raise red flags.

Exercise caution and refrain from engaging with such callers. If you encounter any suspicious activity, please report it immediately to the appropriate authorities. Let’s ensure the safety and security of our community businesses.

If you or your business have already been contacted, please message us via email or Facebook.

Festival Art!

2024 Carolina Festival Art created by Ashley Yanez

This year, we decided to keep with the tradition of collaborating with the Wallace-Rose Hill High School art department to hold a contest for student artists to design our festival artwork. The students were once again challenged to design a piece that they felt would best represent the Carolina Strawberry Festival. After reviewing the submissions and much deliberation, the festival committee came to a unanimous decision. Artist Ashley Yanez’s design was chosen for the 2024 Carolina Strawberry Festival! We thank you, Ashley, for your beautiful creation. We love the design and how it portrays the essence of the festival and its history.

Here is what Mr. Kelley had to say about our winning artist: “This is my first year teaching Ashley, and she, in fact, was a former student of my mother, Wendy Kelley, many years ago. This semester, I was blown away by Ashley’s creative and imaginative artwork. She’s an incredible artist with so much passion and love for the arts. She is always thinking of new ways to be creative and I’m always fascinated by her captivating artwork. I am so proud of Ashley and wish I had 100 more students like her. I have thoroughly enjoyed having Ashley in my class this semester, and I’ll truly miss her. I wish her all the very best in the future and hope she will continue to be creative in the wonderful world of art.”

We would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Kelley for his effort and support in coordinating the contest. Our schools are such an integral part of the community, and we are thankful for the opportunity to invest in our students.

Grant Awards Presentation and Dinner

We hosted our very first Carolina Strawberry Festival Grant Awards Presentation and Dinner in September. We, as a board, were fortunate enough after last year’s festival to give back to our community, which is the primary goal of our organization. We hope to continue this tradition for years and years to come!

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Carolina Strawberry Festival
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Historic Downtown Wallace
100 NW Railroad St

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